Selling Parent's Home 

For many people, selling your parent’s home or a loved one’s home can be a daunting process. Whether your parents are moving into an Assisted Living Community, have recently passed away, or are downsizing, we can help you make the right decision about their property. In most cases senior homes tend to need significant work before they can be listed for sale. We offer several options of service to clients. No matter the budget, location, or unique situation, we are here to help you achieve a successful home sale. 


Professional Home Buyers

Do you need to sell your family’s house fast or does the property need many expensive repairs? If a homeowner needs to sell the property quickly and “as is”, then the best option may be to sell the property for cash from an investor.  We have worked with many real estate investors across Florida who buy houses professionally. If the situation is right for both of you, the home buyer can buy your house for cash within just a few days—or on whatever schedule works best for you.

Sell the house “as is” and get a check in your hands in as little as 5 days

Licensed Real Estate Agent

In many cases the homes of seniors can be listed for sale with a Realtor.  Maybe they just need to be cleaned out and cleaned up.  If there is not a pressing need to sell the home quickly we can assist you in getting the home ready to list on the MLS with a Realtors and get top dollar!


Realtor will assist with listing advice, marketing strategy development, contract negotiations, and closing the property.